Skyler Smith

I do video stuff.

About Me

(Photo by Ramuel Galarza)

(Photo by Ramuel Galarza)

I'm a director/writer/producer, etc.
It's easier to say, I do video stuff.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma where I played school sports for the majority of my life. During high school, I made a decision to focus less on sports and more on creating videos and becoming a rapper. So naturally, I skipped college and moved to Atlanta where I could work on both of those things.

Because I was too white to rap, I spent most of my time learning video production. And I really enjoyed it!

Starting out as a freelance videographer, most of my work revolved around marketing for bands and musicians. 

As time went on, I began to do video work with larger corporations, creating culture-shaping content to influence and architect an organization's culture. 

Within all this, I am also the media director at my church.

And in 2014,  I started Urbana Ave, creating comedic short films and sketches. 

My entire goal is to help shape a culture that values people and empowers creatives.

Thanks for checking out my work!



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